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Other Nicaraguan cities and Pochomil

Most cities on the Pacific of Nicaragua are within one and two hours from Pochomil.  you are traveling to Nicaragua, Pochomil beach is close to all the tourist attractions of Nicaragua.

Map of cities of Nicaragua

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I have been living in Nicaragua and Costa Rica for over 20 years helping people plan custom vacations using my expert knowledge of the country. Check out the full Pochomil Beach Vacation Rental page.

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Si prefiere la tenemos la página en español de la casa de playa a la renta en Pochomil Viejo, Nicaragua. Es una casa de vacationes en Pochomil. Revise nuestra página principal o cualquiera de las situientes:

Pochomil Beach Vacation Rental Home Page


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If you are at vacation in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or you are looking for the trip advisor to go fishing, want to know where is nicaragua, or find out more about nicaragua, and you are traveling to Granada, Masaya, Leon, Matagalpa, San Juan del Sur, Tola, Rancho Santa Ana, then your must check out Pochomil Beach Vacation Rental. This page will provide you lots of information on your vacation rentals by owner. Many people are traveling to costa rica or traveling on vacation to Central America and after looking at this page they picked Pochomil Nicaragua.


Others who are traveling with their families and are looking for a beach rental at VRBO, Homeaway, airbnb, flipkey or other sites because they are looking for a beach rental, a beach vacation or simply visiting family in Rivas, Chinandega, Juigalpa, Boaco, Esteli or Sebaco, will find very useful information in our FAQ section. 

Nicaragua competes with the best resorts and destinations worldwide. Caribean resorts and hotels like old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands have great resorts full of tourists, who go to surf, to a resort, on surf tours, or travel. Many travelers prefer the beaches of Nicaragua, specially Pochomil, that they can combine their vacation with colonial and historical sites in Nicaragua, also the proximity to Costa Rica.

Some of the beaches nearby are Pochomil, Masachapa, Montelimar, La Boquita, Casares, Huehuete, Tupilapa, La Flor, Poneloya, El Velero, Popoyo, Tola, San Juan del Sur also called San Juan, Playa Maderas, Majagual, Marsella, Tola, Chacocente, Las Peñitas, El Velero, Jiquilillo, Estero Padre Ramos, and many more. Most tourist who want beach photos on Nicaragua or the beach visit these beaches.

Many tourists who come to hotels in Managua, often visit Pochomil to relax, and business people who stay the weekend go to the beach at the Pacific Ocean of Nicaragua. Business people stay at Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Seminole hotel, Hilton Princess, La Perla, Hotel Granada, hotel Alhambra, Gran Hotel, among many. After visiting Pochomil and other beaches they search for beach house property for sale in Nicaragua. First they come requesting information on Nicaragua, information on Managua and information on Pochomil and information on San Juan del Sur. They they take Nicaragua Tours to go to the beaches and colonial towns. 

Among the larger banks of the country are BAC, Banpro, Bancentro, LAFISE, Citibank, Banco de Finanzas or BDF and Procredit.

The tourists get their news of Nicaragua at La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario, Canal 2, Canal 8, Canal 10 and Canal 12 TV.

Natural disasters happen all over the world, recently there was an earthquake in Japan and people feared that there would be an earthquake in Nicaragua, or earthquake in Managua, but nothing has happened. It is very rare to have hurricanes, and almost never do we have tornadoes.

If you are coming to Nicaragua to buy real estate, or have real estate for sale in Nicaragua, you will find it at very convenient prices.

Pochomil Nicaragua is the favorite destination of traveling families, tourists and high net worth individuals from Nicaragua.

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