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Granada Cathedral by Air, Nicaragua
Granada is a beautiful town about one hour from Pochomil, two hours from Costa Rica and one hour from Managua. Its restaurants, hotels. If you are traveling to Nicaragua or traveling to Southern Nicaragua, Granada is a beach you want to visit.

Granada is a city in western Nicaragua and the capital of the Granada Department. With an estimated population of 110,326 (2003), it is Nicaragua's fourth most populous city. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure.

Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, ostensibly the first European city in mainland America. Unlike other cities that claim the same distinction, the city of Granada was not only the settlement of the conquest, but also a city registered in official records of the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

Horse Carts in Granada, Nicaragua
Granada is also known as La Gran Sultana, in reflection of its Moorish and Andalusian appearance, unlike its sister city of León and historical rival, which displays Castilian trends.

t was named by Hernández de Córdoba after the ancient Spanish city of Granada. This was done in honor of the defeat of the last Moorish stronghold, which had been Spanish Granada, by the Catholic King and Queen of Spain. Granada, Nicaragua was historically the sister capital in Central America to Antigua, Guatemala. During the colonial period, Granada maintained a flourishing level of commerce with ports on theAtlantic Ocean, through Lake Nicaragua (a.k.a. Cocibolca) and the San Juan River.

The city has been witness and victim to many of the battles with and invasions from English, French and Dutch pirates trying to take control of Nicaragua.

It was also where William Walker, the American filibuster, took up residence and attempted to take control of Central America as a ruling president. One of Walker's generals, Charles Frederick Henningsen, set the city ablaze before escaping, destroying much of the ancient city and leaving printed the words "Here was Granada".

For many years Granada disputed with León its hegemony as the major city of Nicaragua. The city of Granada was favored by the Conservatives, while Léon was favored by the Liberals. For many years there was conflict that at times became quite violent between the cities' families and political factions. In the mid-19th century a compromise site was agreed on and the capital was finally established at Managua between both cities .

Isletas de Granada, Nicaragua
Granada avoided much of the tumult of the Sandinista Era in the 1970-80s.

Granada was founded on the shores of Lake Nicaragua (Lake Cocibolca) by Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524. This makes Granada, Nicaragua one of the oldest settlements in Central America. Francisco named Granada after his home in Spain.

Historically Granada was the sister capital of Central America to Antigua, Guatemala. During the colonial period Granada became one of the most important harbors in Central America. Granada had ports on the Atlantic, through Lake Nicaragua and on the San Juan River.


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Relevant historical architecture and attractions


·         Plaza de la Independencia

·         San Francisco Church and Museum

·         Xalteva Church

·         Plazuela de los Leones

·         Plaza de la Independencia

·         Central Park

·         Cathedral

·         Guadalupe Church

·         La Merced Church

·         Souls Chapel

·         Fortin de San Pablo

·         Fuerte La Pólvora

·         Episcopal Palace

·         Alcaldía Municipal

·         San Antonio College

·         Diocesan College

·         Old Social Club

·         Old Railway Station


San Francisco Museum

The San Francisco Monastery is one of Granada's principal antiquities. It was founded in 1529 by Toribio Benevante, a Franciscan clergyman, and named the Immaculate Conception.

The museum has:

- A collection of photos of Granada taken at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s depicting life before the advent of concrete and asphalt.

- Dioramas illustrating the daily life of the natives who lived in this area prior to the arrival of Columbus and tools and crockery uncovered from diggings around the city.

- A collection of zoomorphic statues found on the island of Zapatera where they were carved by the pre-Columbus natives between 800 and 1200 A.D.

Volcan Mombacho

This national park is located 10 kilometers outside of the city of Granada. The volcano has a height of 1400 meters and contains 700 hectares undisturbed cloud forest rich with Nicaraguan flora and fauna. There are a few trails, a small museum and restaurant at the top.

Here is the first zipline tour of Nicaragua. It's a beautiful experience between trees with an awesome view.

Laguna de Apoyo

This 48 square kilometer body of water is located a few kilometers outside of the city of Granada. It is clean, and a great place to spend a day swimming and soaking in the rays on one of the hotels or restaurants right on the shore.

It is a great place for scuba diving.

Las Isletas Tour

Las Isletas were formed when Mombacho blew it’s top around 20,000 years ago. The 365 island archipelago is found in Lake Nicaragua. The islands are inhabited by a few hundred campesinos and some wealthy Nicaraguans who have built luxurious vacation homes. The islands can easily be accessed by rented boat on the shores of the lake.

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Bars, clubs and restaurants in Granada

El Club

Upper end hostel/hotel/bar/restaurant.

Address: Piedra Bocona 1 cuadra oeste Calle La Libertad

Phone: 552-4245

Hotel Alhambra, Granada, Nicaragua
Hotel Alhambra

Beautiful renovated hotel on the central park. (Picture of Hotel Alhambra)

Phone: 552-4486

Hotel Colonial

Nice colonial style full service hotel.

Address: 10 yards west from the central park

Phone: 552-7299

Hotel Gran Francia

First class colonial style hotel and French restaurant

Address: The south east corner of the park.

Phone: 552-6000

Hostel Oasis

Nice backpacker hostel with a pool and good service.

Address: Calzado Sandak 50 mts oeste.

Phone: 552-8005

There are hundreds of restaurants in Granada, but these are the ones we recommend with their addresses and phone numbers.

La Gran Francia

Gourmet French Restaurant

Address: Across the street from hotel Gran Francia


This is a great Spanish Restaurant in a beautifully remodeled colonial building.

Address: Half a block east of Gran Francia

Phone: 552-6764

El Zaguan

Upscale Nicaraguan style Grilled Steak restaurant.

Address: Behind the Cathedral.

Phone: 552-2522

El Club

New European hotel with bar and restaurant. Unique mix of Asian, European and Nicaraguan food. See info under hotels.

As you walk from the park west towards El Club you will find 4 bars that are pretty fun on any given night:

First you find El Flamingo a local bar then a block further you come across.

La Fabrica and Café Nuit which are across the street from each other.

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The original resource for Granada travel information

Granada is a city in the central pacific (western) of Nicaragua and the capital of the Granada Department. With an estimated population of 110,326 (2003), it is Nicaragua's fourth most populous city. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure.

Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, ostensibly the first European city in mainland America. Unlike other cities that claim the same distinction, the city of Granada was not only the settlement of the conquest, but also a city registered in official records of the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

Granada is also known as La Gran Sultana, in reflection of its Moorish and Andalusian appearance, unlike its sister city of León and historical rival, which displays Castilian trends.

Granada is located along the coast of the Lake Nicaragua (a.k.a. Lake Cocibolca), the world's twentieth largest lake.

Granada is the capital city of the Department of Granada, which borders Boaco and Managua to the north, Masaya and Carazo to the east and Rivas to the south. Within the same department, the River Tipitapa which connects the Lake of Managua and Nicaragua passes through it in the north. It also has three volcanic lagoons; Manares, Genirzaro, and the famous Apoyo.  Apoyo, which is shared with the Department of Masaya, is the largest volcanic lagoon in Nicaragua. Granada is a very warm city all year round, with very similar temperatures to Managua. This is due to similarities in geography with its close proximity to a lake and surrounded by high hills. Rainfall in Granada is approximately between 1,100-2,100mm annually.

The vegetation around Granada is a reflection of its climatology. Dry forests and also humid forests skirt the Mombacho volcano. The volcano is also home to a wide array of fauna. The lake is also home to many creatures, both marine and freshwater creatures. It is the only freshwater lake in the world where sharks live (Nicaragua shark). Fishing in the lake is quite good, and fishermen, both commercial and recreational, regularly catch guapote and mojarras, as well as sardines. Nicaragua has recently banned fishing of the Nicaragua shark and sawfish because of population decline.

View from the Volcan Mombacho, a volcano which blew its cone into the lake, forming an archipelago of 365 islands

Other important cities and towns within the Granada district include Malacatoya, El Paso, El Guayabo, Diria, Macatepe, El Guanacaste, Nandaime and Diriomo, known nationally as the last city of witches. Mombacho volcano is the highest point (1,345 m) within Granada; the now dormant volcano blew most of its cone into the lake, forming the 365 Islets of Granada, from where the volcano provides an amazing view. It is also possible on a clear day to seeOmetepe and Zapatera Islands. This latter island is the second largest island in Lake Nicaragua, and it too is an inactive volcano. It is a national treasure, known as the home of pre-Columbian statues and idols which were found on the island during the Spanish conquest, these are now exhibited in the Convento San Francisco Museum.

Granada has many beaches on Lake Nicaragua which are very popular around Semana Santa ("Holy Week").

Granada is the oldest colonial city in Nicaragua & the all-time-rival of Leon. It is located on the north west side of the Lago Cocibolca. Its colored colonial buildings, interesting history and relative safety make it an important tourism destination.

Nature and history. These are the elements that prevail in Granada, a small yet interesting department of Nicaragua's Pacific area. An extinct volcano, elongated coasts on Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua), an archipelago and the oldest city in the country, which still preserves original historic colonial center, are some of the attractions.

The city of Granada is one of the most important and most visited destinations in Nicaragua. The colonial architecture of its old center, many museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and a cosmopolitan ambiance make this city a destination itself. However, it also be could be a good starting point to explore the region.

Nicknamed 'the Great Sultan, ' in honor of its Moorish namesake across the Atlantic, Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Fernández de Córdoba, and is the oldest city in the New World. It was constructed as a showcase city, the first chance that the Spanish had to prove they had more to offer than bizarre religions and advanced military technology, and it still retains an almost regal beauty, each adobe masterpiece faithfully resurrected to original specifications after every trial and tribulation.

A trade center almost from its inception, Granada's position as the mistress of Lago de Nicaragua became even more important when the Spanish realized, in the 1530s, that the Río San Juan was navigable from the lake to the sea. This made Granada rich - and vulnerable. Between 1665 and 1670, pirates sacked the city three times, and that was only the worst of it.

Introduction to Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is 50 km (31 miles) South of Managua; 150 km (93 miles) SE of León, 90 kms North of Costa Rica border.

The Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza once said, "There is nothing sadder than being a blind man in Granada" and his words ring true for anyone visiting the magical town that is Granada. It's a living, breathing museum to the opulence of the old Spanish Empire. Among its highlights are a luminous cathedral, which stands in front of one of the country's most vibrant squares, and its pretty cobbled streets, which run down to the dark shores of Lake Cocibocha (also known as Lago de Nicaragua). Granada is a delightful surprise in contrast to the mediocre shabbiness of Managua;history clings to every chunky terra-cotta tile that drapes this town's multicolored one-story cottages and town houses.


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The tourists get their news of Nicaragua at La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario, Canal 2, Canal 8, Canal 10 and Canal 12 TV.