We can offer the guest of our Pochomil Beach home a concierge service tailored to their needs and budget, let us know if you need any of the following services and we will be happy to arrange them for you.

Full Time Cook

Our kitchen is fully equipped with pots, pans and cooking utensils, but it needs a cook to run the kitchen. If cooking is not your cup of tea, or you simply want to leave those chores until you come back home, then consider hiring a private cook.You are on vacation, why spend half the time in the kitchen when you can hire a cook for as little as $30 per day and get your three meals cooked and served for the entire family. You just provide the food and she will do the rest (See local meal suggestions). No time wasted peeling potatoes or washing pots and pans, let someone else do it and you just enjoy the great tasting meals with local flavor. Sure, you can always prepare your favorite dish that grandma taught you, but let someone else cut the onions, peel the potatoes and take care of the rest. Advance reservation required and subject to availability.

65% of our guests select this service.

Full Time Cook Pochomil
Transportation to Pochomil beach

Private Transportation from the Airport

Would you like us to arrange private transportation from the airport to the beach house and vice versa? Perhaps some of your group is arriving at different times and you do not want to wait for them, or you are carrying too many suitcases that will not fit your car. We can help you arrange the transportation to and from the beach house when needed. 25% of our guests select this service.

If you only need a car, a four wheel drive vehicle or a mini van for your Nicaragua vacation, we will gladly help you making your car rental reservation and recommending the car that best suits your needs. You can visit attractive cities and tourist destinations within one to two hours from Pochomil (See our map for suggestions). You will pay the rental car company directly.

90% of our guests select this service.

Full Time Housekeeper

Your Pochomil vacation home rental includes one daily cleaning; however, you may want a permanent service. Want to relax and have someone else take care of the cleaning, picking up the kids’ toys, bring you a refreshment and clean up after someone accidentally spilled their glass? Perhaps you need someone to set up the table while you go out for a stroll on the beach with your friends and family? Or you need to have the beach towels ready when you get out of the pool?

Then hiring a full time housekeeper will bring you that peace of mind and total relaxation throughout the day. The cost is only a tip for the housekeeper (See our gratuity guidelines).

80% of our guests select this service.

Grocery Shopping

Concierge Shopping

When you arrive at the Pochomil beach house, you want to hit the ground running and not waste any time grocery shopping. Or you are arriving on a late flight and the supermarket is closed, or don't know where to find the ingredients and favorite brands of food and drinks.For the cost of the food and a small fee, we can do the shopping for you and take it to Pochomil beach. Just send us a list of recommended foods, drinks, toiletries, your budget and we will purchase them, deliver it and provide you with the receipt. If you wish, we could make the shopping list for you based on prior experience.

The cook you hired can start preparing the meals prior to your arrival and will be ready for you.

25% of our guests select this service.

Surfing Boards and Classes

Many of our guests want to surf the Pacific, other have never tried it before, whether you are a beginner who needs surfing classes or a pro who want to spend all day surfing, we can rent the surf boards or provide you with a surfing instructor. Should you need just the surf board, let us know your level of expertise to provide the correct one. The boards can be rented for the day or the entire length of stay.

If you have never surfed before, Pochomil is the ideal beach, the waves are moderate, great to learn and have a great time. Whether you are 10 years old or much older and know how to swim, the surfing instructor guarantees that for one flat fee, he will stay with you until you learn.


Want to catch your own fish? Spearfishing with a mask, snorkel and spear gun is for you, in a couple of hours, you will be able to admire nature and get your fresh lunch. The pacific beach is abundant with different species of fish, so go get yours.

Events and Wedding Party Services

You are planning a party for 20 or 200? You want to host your wedding at the beach? A corporate event? Either a day event or a moonlight party are easily prepared for you. The Pochomil beach house is ideal, its social areas can fit over 100 people indoors and the beach area is infinite. The house has a very large kitchen and a bar to support the staff. Parking is not a problem since you can park for over 20 vehicles inside the grounds and there is additional parking on the street.

Events at Pochomil
Wedding at Pochomil Beach

Do you need an orchestra, a beach band, marimba, chicheros (Nicaraguan version of Mariachis), or simple background music, we will recommend the best options for your gathering.Since your event is very special, contact us to help you select the right catering service and coordination.

Pochomil Beach party

Our vacation rental at Pochomil Nicaragua is designed to ensure you have the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation, please feel free to contact us for additional requests.

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