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Directions to Pochomil Viejo beach:

If you are traveling to Nicaragua, you will probably arrive at the Nicaragua International Airport also known as Aeropuerto Las Mercedes, you should get a tourist map of Nicaragua at the rental counter to get to Carretera Sur.

1. From Managua take South Highway (Carretera Sur) until km 9, direction Rivas or Costa Rica.

2. South Highway turns right into Carretera Leon Viejo, stay on this straight road until km 30. Do not turn into South Highway.

3. Turn left on km 30 on a brick road and drive until km 62 where the road ends.

4. Turn Right to Masachapa/Montelimar/Pochomil for 4.3 kms.

5. Turn left on the first major paved road towards Pochomil (South).

6. Drive 1.8 kms on a paved road; pass the bridge, gas station, and the entrance to Pochomil popular resort on your right.

7. For security reasons, we will provide the rest of the directions and exact location via email

Pochomil is close to all the action:

  • 1:00 hour to Managua (75 kms)
  • 1:15 hour to Granada (75 kms) - Mombacho, Isletas, museum, churches
  • 1:15 hour to Masaya (70 kms) - Volcano, artisans market
  • 1:30 hours to Leon (90 kms) - Leon Viejo, churches, museum
  • 2:00 hours to Costa Rica (145 kms) - Peñas Blancas border
  • 2:30 hours to Honduras (180 kms)
  • 3:00 hours to Matagalpa (200 kms)

Rural roads are not congested but we are allowing extra time in case you need to stop and ask directions or happen to drive behind a local bus with frequent stops. Most cars drive 80 to 100 kph (50-65 mph) on Nicaraguan highways. Driving through Managua during peak time (7-9 am, 4-7 pm) may increase 15 to 30 minutes your travel time.

How to travel to Pochomil from:

From Granada to Pochomil: Take NIC4 Nandaime highway for 19 kms passing through Volcan Mombacho, turn right on Panamerican Hwy NIC1 (Carretera Sur) 35 kms via Jinotepe/Diriamba until El Crucero, left on NIC8 30 kms via San Rafael del Sur until Masachapa, left 2 kms until Pochomil.

From Masaya to Pochomil: Take road to Catarina for 8 kms, turn right 20 kms on NIC18 through Masatepe/San Marcos until Cuatro esquinas, turn right 11 kms on NIC1 Panamerican Hwy (Carretera Sur) until El Crucero, left 30 kms on NIC8 via San Rafael del Sur until Masachapa, left 2 kms until Pochomil.

From Costa Rica to Pochomil: From San Jose or Liberia, take Panamerican Hwy north until the border Peñas Blancas. Continue 105 kms on NIC1 Panamerican Hwy (Carretera Sur) passing through the entrance to San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nandaime, Jinotepe, Diriamba until El Crucero, left 30 kms on NIC8 via San Rafael del Sur until Masachapa, left 2 kms until Pochomil.

From Matagalpa, Esteli, Jinotega, Ocotal or Sebaco to Pochomil: Take North Hwy towards Managua until you reach Sébaco, from Sebaco drive 100 kms to Managua, from there follow the instructions from Managua to Pochomil.

From Chinandega, Leon to Pochomil: From Chinandega travel to León, from Leon southern exit travel 23 kms NIC12 until Izapa, continue straight on NIC12 for 35 kms via Puerto Sandino, El Transito, Santa Rita until km 30, right for 31 km on NIC10 until San Rafael del Sur-Masachapa junction, right on NIC 8 for 3.6 kms until Masachapa, left 2 kms to Pochomil.

From Honduras and El Salvador to Pochomil: Travel south to the border, if you travel via Guasaule border, drive through Chinandega and then follow instructions from Chinandega above. If you travel via Las Manos or El Guasaule border, drive to Esteli and continue to Sebaco, then follow the instructions from Sebaco above.

The above directions work on how to go to any of the following locations: Pochomil, Masachapa, Montelimar Pochomil Viejo, the hotels Vistamar, Hotel Ordoñez, Casa del Titito, Gran Pacifica, Summer, Vista al Mar, Larocque, Los Cardones, Escuela de Hosteleria Masachapa, and the rest of the hotels of the area.

If you need additional directions, contact us.

The following map illustrates the central location of Pochomil to the major tourist attractions.

How to get to Pochomil

Time and distance is approximate, time may vary due to traffic, weather and road conditions.

Weather in Pochomil

It is always warm and sunny in Pochomil, with two different climates, December - February, and the rest of the year.

From March through early November the day temperature ranges from 85o to 95o Fahrenheit (29o - 35o Celsius) and night from 70 to 75 oF (21 - 24 oC).

Between late November through early February the day temperature ranges from 75 to 82 F (24 - 28 C) and nights are 65 to 72 F (18 - 21 C). It is dry and windy during this time of the year.

The rainy season is late May to early November with short scattered thundershowers from a passing cloud and then sunny.

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