Pochomil Beach

Pochomil Beach - The Popular Resort

It is believed that Pochomíl was named in the early 20th century by a farmer by the name of Felipe Gutierrez, in reference to all the “pocho” (money) he hoped to earn from his ambitious duck and goat farm. "Mil" means one thousand, in other words, "Thousands of Money".

Pochomil beach is a popular resort for Managua residents to spend their vacation, since it is the closest beach from the city of Managua. The resort charges a nominal entrance fee of $0.50 and is populated by many restaurants with straw roofs selling mostly fish, seafood and other popular drinks. During peak season, hundreds of buses full of people arrive in Pochomil and Masachapa for their enjoyment.

Immediately to the South there are private homes who share the beach with the popular resort followed by a bay with homes on a hill facing a nice rock structures where people go to "The Curtains" during high tide.

Pochomil Viejo Beach - The Exclusive Family Beach

Pochomil Viejo (Old Pochomil) is the beach two kilometers south of Pochomil, a much more exclusive area with very limited public access and populated by 40 private homes.

Pochomil Viejo has a great sandy beach where you can play most sports, swim in the ocean, walk the beach, pick sea shells and much more. Additionally you should go to the Curtains ("Las Cortinas"), an ocean waterfall located about 800 meters north of our house (to your right as you face the ocean), where during high tide you will get an amazing bath.


Nica Travel Magazine rated all the Nicaraguan beaches and rated Pochomil Viejo the #1 Family Beach of the country. “… a calm ocean, waterfalls, large flat sandy beach area for sports, turtle sightings, popularity among young families, quiet, very secluded from local population yet close to town, makes this our Number One beach for families with young children and teens.

Turtle laying eggs in Pochomil

Since Pochomil Viejo is very exclusive and private, it is very common for turtles to come out. Watching turtles lay eggs is a once in a lifetime adventure, this is most common during Full Moon, but it happens most of the year. Just keep an eye for the turtles coming out, do not disturb them while they are entering the beach until they begin laying eggs. Once they begin, they cannot stop until they lay about 100 eggs. You can touch the shell of the turtle and observe her cry as she lays eggs.

Kids can go crab hunting (catch and release please), roast marshmallows on a bonfire, make large sand castles, play games and more.

Walking, jogging or riding south of Pochomil will give you a view of an empty beach for about 20 kilometers, rarely in the world will you see wonderful undisturbed beaches as in this location.

Renting a four wheeler motorcycle at Pochomil resort will give you a great opportunity to see the beach, just keep a slow speed for safety.

Turtles come out of the ocean to lay eggs

The only reason a turtle comes out to the beach is to lay eggs. The local rule is that whoever gets behind the turtle first, owns the eggs. So try to get behind the turtle as it comes out of the water before anyone else does. You will find many turtle watching peasants, specially during full moon, and when they catch a turtle, they get all their eggs to eat or sell. We encourage you to get behind the turtle to own the eggs, but donate them to nature, DO NOT TOUCH the eggs, leave them in the ground and guard the area until everyone else is gone, to ensure poachers do not come back to steal the eggs. This will preserve the ecosystem and allow these little turtles to come back when they are adults. If you are unable to get to the turtle first, offer to buy the right to the eggs from the local peasant.It is estimated that each turtle lays about 100 eggs and only 3 to 5 actually reach adulthood, that is why it is so critical to preserve them. Some eggs are not born, others die digging their way out of the sand, those who make it often are eaten by birds on the way to the ocean, and later the ocean predators eat a few more, that is why nature is so smart to allow turtles to lay so many eggs.

Buying fresh fish in Pochomil

Pescado a la Tipitapa

There a fisherman’s market in Masachapa, two blocks East of the Catholic Church, the groundskeeper will guide you there. They fish daily and the morning is the best time to buy it. If you hire a cook or go to any local restaurants, make sure you ask for the Nicaraguan favorite fish recipe, Pescado a la Tipitapa, fried fish with a tomato sauce and fried plantains. Other seafood dishes include Seafood Paella, lobsters, shrimp cocktails and fish ceviche. See full Nicaraguan gastronomic information below.

Purchasing groceries and necessities while at Pochomil

Whenever possible, stock up in Managua at La Colonia or La Union Supermarkets, which have many international brands and a large variety. You will find several convenience stores in Pochomil/Masachapa: La Barra is the closest located about 500 meters north of the entrance to Pochomil popular resort. It has basic items such as ice, bottled water, gas, soft drinks, alcohol, and miscellaneous.

For fruits, vegetables and more variety there are several mini markets in Masachapa. Try the Pitaya, a rare tropical fruit, strong red color and great for juices, Margaritas or for dessert with whip cream.

For complete shopping you will have to travel to San Rafael del Sur, about 14 kilometers south of Masachapa, to Pali Supermarket (Walmart subsidiary) with many local popular products but limited variety. Pali is located from the Catholic Church of San Rafael del Sur 1/2 block East. We can also offer the service of prepurchasing the food for you, check out our Concierge page.

The gas station in Pochomil is Petronic (T: 8435-0105), it runs out of fuel regularly, so do not run empty. The groundskeeper can provide you with a fuel container to keep in reserve. If you have a motorcycle, it will consume about one tank full daily (2 ½ gallons).

Food Safety

Nicaragua´s water is potable and chlorinated; however, most tourists prefer to drink bottled water. For your convenience, a 5 gallon bottle of water will be available at the Pochomil home upon your arrival, you are responsible for its refill as needed. Bottled water is available at most grocery stores and restaurants.

It is safe to eat at most formal restaurants, at informal restaurants ensure you only consume fully cooked meals and not raw products. Unwrapped food in plazas or markets do not follow western hygiene standards and you should avoid them.

Help us save the environment and bring back any plastic products you take to the beach to avoid sea and beach contamination.

Children Entertainment

Keeping kids busy will be the least of your worries; at the beach, kids become very creative because they are experiencing many new emotions. On the contrary, they will go to bed early because they will be too tired from a full day of games and activities. We have stocked up the Pochomil beach vacation home with enough items and activities to keep them busy. Below is a list of some ideas of games for children:

Kids games in the beach house or pool

Ping Pong: This game is played until the winning player reaches 11 or 21 points, you decide how long you want the game and if there are many kids waiting to play. If your kids don't know how to play, they will learn how to master the rackets in less than an hour.

Sandbox: There is a sand box next to the house, in front of the master balcony, where they can play sand castles, car races, and other creative games they will make up themselves. This is next to the house under a few palm trees, so the parents can enjoy the view, relax at the porch while watching your kids all the time.

Deck of cards: You will find a few decks of cards in the home and you can play your favorite games.

Monopoly: There is a Monopoly board game to keep your family entertained for hours.

Pool: Play Volley Ball, Marco Polo, or find the treasure at the bottom of the pool. The pool in the deep end is only 5 feet in depth so it is suitable for older kids who do not know how to swim. Very young kids can use the whirlpool with supervision.

Hide and Seek: You can play many traditional games such as Thieves and Robbers, Hide and Seek, and many more.

Tag: When you play this timeless game in the pool or ocean it adds a whole new element: You can hide underwater. Hold your breath and hope whoever’s “it” isn’t looking your way when you come up for air.

Diving for rings: You can buy rings or other water toys at a store that sells pool toys, some are provided in the beach home. If you don’t have any real diving rings, get creative. Instead of neon rings or rods, use bright-colored rocks, seashells, or other natural items that sink in water.

Beach games for kids

Water bottle Pochomil
Sandcastle at Pochomil Beach

Play Ball: Try many ball games such as soccer, football, volley ball, kick ball, etc.Tug of War: With a rope split the group in two with similar overall weight, each group pulls until the other passes the center line to win.

Save the Castle: Have each kid build a castle close to the ocean while the tides are rising, the castle that survives the longest from the waves wins, so they must build strong walls, ditches and other defenses with sand.

Waterfall: Walk about 2,000 ft north (while facing the ocean, to the right of the house) until the end of the bay where you will find during high tide a large set of rocks where you can sit or stand while the ocean hits them from behind, creating a wonderful waterfall in front of you. It is thrilling, if your kids are small or under 12 years old, ensure an adult holds them while the waves hit the rocks.

Surfing: If you like to surf, Nicaragua and Pochomil beach have great surfing tides. Bring your surf board or rent one.

Body Surfing (Boogieboarding): During medium and high tide, kids can body surf with or without a surfing board. A few body surfing boards are available in the home.

Monkey in the middle. For this classic game, all you need is a ball and 3 or more people. With 3 people, one player (the “monkey”) is in the middle and tries to intercept the ball while the other two play catch with it. If the monkey gets the ball, he becomes one of the throwers, and the last person who touched the ball becomes the new monkey. With 4 people, it works best to have two monkeys. You can play with the same rules as just described, OR you can play “Team” Monkey in the Middle: if either monkey gets the ball, both monkeys become the new throwers. This game can be played on the sand but also works especially well in the pool. You can play in shallow water if you only want to get your ankles wet, or you can play in deeper water so the game becomes a mix of swimming and running.

Paddleball. At minimum, you’ll need a paddle and a ball. Different kinds of paddles, balls, and paddle/ball combinations create different levels of difficulty. With 2 players you can cooperate in seeing how long you can keep the ball in the air. This game works great on the beach. If you get tired and your kid wants to keep playing, tell him to see how many times he can keep hitting the ball without letting it touch the ground

Touch football. All you need is a football and a group of people. In two-hand touch, both hands on the player carrying the ball means he’s down. If you’re the quarterback, make sure you call a huddle before the snap to go over the play with your teammates. To keep it simple, play with four downs (no additional first downs) and no blitzes.

Tic Tac Toe: Play tic-tac-toe in the sand.

Roasting Marshmallows on Pochomil Beach bonfire

Night beach games for the kids

Bonfire: Lit up the fire, or ask the groundskeeper to give you a hand getting the wood and lighting it up, then sit around the fire, sing, tell stories, cook marshmallows and count your memories.

Star Gazing: Identify the planets, watch the comets fly by, find the Orion, Ursa Major and minor.

Crab hunting: Go catch some crabs with a flashlight, keep them in the bucket and count how many each of you caught. At the end of the game make sure you release them to maintain nature's balance. If you keep the crabs and they die, you will regret the horrible stench the next day.

Turtle Searching: Go find turtles as they come out to lay eggs, specially in full moon and high tide. Watch them lay eggs and cry. If you catch a turtle, you may dig a hole behind her as she is laying eggs, use the flashlight to see the eggs coming out, but leave them there and do not touch them. Do not shine the flashlight on the turtle's eyes.

This is only a sample of many games that your children can play without much effort from the parents. If you know of other games that you want to share, send us your suggestions to publish them.

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Masachapa - Fisherman's Town

Masachapa Fishermen selling their catch of the day

Masachapa is the town nearby where most of the restaurants, bars, popular hotels and market is located. There you will find Cafe Mariposa, who has a large variety of different coffees, Oasis Masachapa for burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and other popular international fast food, Bar, Night club and convenience store La Barra (Actuallly in Pochomil) where they offer convenience items such as water, soft drinks, alcohol and has a local night life. Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Summer, Hotel Vistamar, Hotel Los Cardones and Hotel Larocque (Laroque), Hotel Ticomo. Also small hostals and bed and breakfast (B&B) such as Palo Rosa and Mama Rosa, Altamar ($11/night), Villa del Mar ($25), Cabañas del Mar ($18) and Casa La Sasso.

Masachapa Welcome Sign

Get up early and go to the beach to see the fishermen come out with their boats full of fresh fish, you will not only get fresh fish but also great prices. Didn't make it on time, ask our groundskeeper to take you to the local fishermen's market where you will buy the catch of the day, still fresh and refrigerated.

There are other local stores and pharmacies in Masachapa where you can get your basic necessities. Need more? Travel 10 kilometers south to San Rafael del Sur where you will find more variety.

Don’t let guesswork play a part in your Nicaragua vacation planning. We hand-picked the very best vacation rentals, much more private than hotels, in Nicaragua and guarantee top notch quality and service in a very large and private beach home. Your vacation will be unforgettable, check out some of the great pictures of Nicaragua. Not sure what you want? Call us at +1 (786) 544-6020

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